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Sunday, October 07, 2007


After losing a beloved family pet a few years ago, to cancer, we threw ourselves into reading everything we could find on pet health issues. While it came too late to save our own dog, it's not too late for others.

If your reading this blog, then you have computer access. Please do a simple search on veterinary issues for your pet and make your own decisions.

**If your pet or an animal you find is showing any illness symptoms AT not allow them to be vaccinated. (A knowledgable vet will not vaccinate a sick animal...even if you are taking a pet to a vet for the first time and the staff tells you your pet 'must have shots before it can be seen'....explain your animal is showing illness symptoms and you do not wish to vaccinate until it is better. If they insist, find another vet.

There is extensive controversy regarding the safety of vaccines and the issue of whether or not we are over vaccinating our animals if we submit them to yearly vaccines. There is much proof that a one time vaccine can last a pet for it's lifetime and giving it more can result in actually making your pet ill. You can ask for a 'titers' test' for proof that your animal still has sufficient immunity from previous vaccines.

**Please note, there IS an option in Indiana of a one year or 3 year rabies vaccine. Please ask your vet to stock and use the 3 year vaccine.

We strongly recommend to those of you wishing to keep your pets alive and healthy for many years, to do your homework. We recommend the following books:
Dr. Pitcarin's "Natural health care for cats and dogs"
Dr. Martin Goldstein, "The Nature of Animal Healing"

Both of these books are an eye opening look into pet care from licensed vets with a holistic approach to health.

(You maybe suprised to read the pet food section and the details of what the USDA allows to be put into pet foods. Unless your pet food is certified as only using 'human grade' ingredients, the left over, diseased and inedible parts of animals are most likely being rendered back into your pets food. Again, there is a wealth of information online about this issue such as :What's REALLY in Your Dog's Food? - )


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