This blog is formed for the intent of publicizing the plight of animals in Greene County, Indiana. Concerned Citizens have formed a seperate, all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare group- MIDWEST FRIENDS OF ANIMALS- in order to attempt to take action for the many abused, neglected and unwantd animals thrown away on a daily basis in Greene County.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE CONDITIONS ANIMALS SUFFER IN GREENE COUNTY INDIANA? Obviously, the first responsibility belongs to the animal owner/caregiver. So what happens when the owner won't /can't comply? GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS need to answer for the laws and efforts in the areas they are elected to serve. UNFORTUNATELY, TWO of the three Greene County Commissioners have voted against reinstating an effective, active ANIMAL CONTROL COMMISSION. BART BEARD (County Commissioner President) and LARRY HASLER have voted to 'table' decisions regarding the matter for many months. Their response was that an overwhelming amount of 'voters' called them to complain that they did not want ANIMAL COPS interfering in their handling and care of their animals. BEARD and HASLER bowed to public pressure from people like DON WILE (Former County Surveyor) who complained publicly in the Linton paper that the people pushing for an animal control commissioner 'maybe' radicals who would ban hunting, and stop him from breeding hunting dogs without first paying a 'large fee' to have an intact animal. ***None of which things were ever discussed regarding a new animal control commision. DON WILE , of LINTON INDIANA then offered to serve on any future animal control commission, with what would appear to be the intention of rendering it useless. MR. WILE implied numerous innuendos about anyone wishing to see an animal control board formed and publicly stated local animal welfare groups had 'hidden agenda's' . THE HIDDEN AGENDA SEEMS TO BE Mr.WILE's and others objecting to animal control. Above are photos taken of Mr. Wiles backyard which is set up for raising roosters. While it is not illegal to raise roosters......typically this type of 'endeavor' is allegedly related to the illegal 'cock fighting' industry. *For legal purposes, please note that no one is accusing anyone of a crime or involvment therein. Has to make one wonder why someone else protests so vehemently against animal protection and control laws? COUNTY COMMISSIONER AND HUMANE SOCIETY OFFICIALS WERE MADE AWARE OF THIS AND SENT PHOTO'S. NO ACTIONS HAVE EVER BEEN TAKEN TO INVESTIGATE THIS MATTER TO DATE.


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Angela said...

This is totally outrageous! Something has got to be done about this. Try contacting an Indianapolis news station, the Governor or Senator. Just because these Horrible town "officials" don't want animal humanity doesn't mean that you have to settle for it. I hope something can be done about this awful woman, and poor Mac recovers. I only wish I could help. Praying for you and Mac


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