This blog is formed for the intent of publicizing the plight of animals in Greene County, Indiana. Concerned Citizens have formed a seperate, all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare group- MIDWEST FRIENDS OF ANIMALS- in order to attempt to take action for the many abused, neglected and unwantd animals thrown away on a daily basis in Greene County.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Recently the nearby 'Greene County Humane Society' had it's election meeting. At this meeting it was announced they had changed their bylaws, which allowed them basically to put themselves back onto the board unopposed, prompting the following letter to the editor of the Linton Daily World newspaper- LETTER TO EDITOR;
Don't like the way a game is going,? Change the rules! If you're achild that may work, but should a board of directors be able to do that? In my opinion, that’s what the Greene County Humane Society didNovember 21st, at their annual election meeting! Between their October nomination meeting for new officers and the November election meeting, they changed their bylaws which made some of the people nominated in October, ineligible! Tricky!

Instead of announcing the meeting in the AREA NOTES, as usual, it was placed in the classifieds, where it’s unlikely members saw it. With no members present, the board then changed bylaws to suit themselves.

Member’s who don't subscribe to the newspaper and scour it daily for obscure placements of a meeting announcements , are out of luck! Is that how GCHS values it's members?

The current board at the ’election meeting’ included Andrea McCann, Scott Borters, County Commissioner Kathy Crouch, Martina Swaby and managerRene Abrams. They announced that the previous meeting had taken place and bylaws changed. The board then nominated and voted themselves back into office and appointed new board members whose qualifications are unknown. Is this a board we should trust and support? This is supposedly the “new and improved” Humane Society?

This isn't the first time something similar has happened. In January, GCHS representatives delayed a number of members from renewing membership’s resulting in them not being ’eligible’ to vote at a meeting that removed two board members. They subsequently apologized to those members that were cheated out of voting and acknowledged it was unfair, but nothing changed. What is the ‘benefit’ of being a ‘member’?

Seems like the GCHS is it’s own worst enemy. Besides alienating their members, they complain the county is a “dumping ground for animals“, they are overworked and under funded. However, they continue to add to the very problem by adopting out ‘unfixed’ animals and ‘trusting’ that the adopter will spay/neutering the pet, hopefully before it “accidentally'“ breeds and brings more unwanted animals into the mix. (Some animals are adopted already pregnant, another good reason to spay/neuter before adoption).

Also adding to the problems, claims “there is no time” to check reference on adopters (although members have offered to do it for them) missing the opportunity to eliminate adopting animals to some of the people who may have a history of abandoning, abusing /neglecting or breeding shelter animals! Talk about chasing your tail!

The shelter “can't afford” to treat any sick or injured animals that come in -even though they have a vet on their board- don't spay/neuter before releasing animals, and don't check out adopters, how are they a ‘humane society’ and not a “dog pound”?

*NOTE: Any group may use the name ‘humane society’ with no affiliation with any national groups and no requirements to meet any standards, or answer to any other office. Typically, the public believes they are.

How do members who care, get true “humane society” standards in place? Volunteers have offered help in these efforts, yet the board continuously drags it’s feet on making a commitment to change. Frustrated volunteers have moved on to help other groups, leaving GCHS complaining they have no volunteers. More tail chasing!

If tax dollars are going to be pumped into this bottomless pit of a problem, the county should consider appointing an independent, unbiased oversight committeeto review the GCHS activity. Some authority beyond themselves needs to be available to hear public concerns and complaints, since there is no alternative to addressing problems concerning the board itself.

Board members will, no doubt, offer a different “spin” on these matters and attempt to discredit those who hold them accountable, but the facts speak for themselves.


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