This blog is formed for the intent of publicizing the plight of animals in Greene County, Indiana. Concerned Citizens have formed a seperate, all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare group- MIDWEST FRIENDS OF ANIMALS- in order to attempt to take action for the many abused, neglected and unwantd animals thrown away on a daily basis in Greene County.

Friday, July 28, 2006

WOW!!! LOOK AT ME ONLY SEVEN DAYS after rescue!!!!

I went to the ve today for my official weigh in! We couldn't believe it, I gained 12 pounds in 7 days!!!! I went from 28 lbs upon leaving the vets to 40 lbs today! Who said my foster mom can't cook?!? haha Just kidding, she doensn't officially 'cook' my food but she sure does a good doggie meatball!! I've been eating 5-6 times each day! I feel so much stronger and stand taller already! I am more interested in what is going on in the world!! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts! Keep 'em coming!! I'm going to need them to get through heartworm treatment when I am up to it!!!! Oh, and not to be vain, but I think my hair is starting to grow back in too!! :) I'm going to be a movie star in NO time at this rate!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Each morning of my life I opened my eyes and wondered how much longer my life would last. I wondered if each day held any relief or if things would instead get worse". For 3 long years I suffered from extreme neglect at the hands of a woman who thought nothing of watching me waste away and my bones appear. I thought I remembered seeing a veterinarian once when I was a puppy.....but I had not seen anyone since then. "I wondered every morning what was worse, the pain in my empty stomach or the unbearble itching from the thousands of fleas that fed upon my weak body, or my lonliness and lack of love. Even the ticks that attached to me had died a slow death from starvation"

"I've lived a sad life chained to a small dog house without any other shade in the blistering sun. I wondered why the people who passed by my home didn't notice me or at least bring me something to eat. Surely they could see I was in danger and dying? Finally the day came that my friend and companion died. That was a sad day. My buddy was the only thing that made me feel loved, and now my buddy was gone. I watched as they put my buddies body in a plastic bag and just left it, in my sight. Now each day I woke up looking at the body in the bag daily and felt sadness for my friend, and wondered if that would be my fate soon too., just another body in a bag. Soon with the outrageously hot weather, I smelled my friends decomposing body long before I opened my eyes each morning. So now I wondered how much worse things could be. I woke up hungry, flea infested and itching and now smelling death. Things were only going to get worse for me and I prepared to meet my end.

A miracle then happened. Neighbors began complaining to the police about the smell in our yard. When they came to investigate and found the body of the dead dog, they saw me too. I looked like a walking skeleton and had ripped out all my hair on my body from fighting the fleas and pests. I heard alot of talking with the owner....the police wanted to see the other dogs in the house but she refused to show them, for now, the focus turned finally , at along last, to helping ME!! ! I was thrilled to greet the policemen and pose for pictures. Then they went away and my heart dropped......for about an hour I wondered if my saviors would be back. My heart surged with happiness when back in rode the hero's, vet statement in their hands and they seized me and took me into the nearby vet office.

I was still so happy to be off my short chain and my hopes were so high that I might find some relief here from my stomach pain and painful skin. Everyone huddled around me for a long time.....checking me for everything imaginable. Everyone there was kind and looked at me with sad eyes and had many harsh things to say about my owner. Everyone seemed very upset and I often heard the repeated refrain, "How can anyone do this to their dog?" In the end they decided that besides obviously being emaciated (I think that means super skinny and underfed!) I had heartworm infection and a skin infection.

There was much discussion over what the next step was, I didn't know some people were wondering if it would be the 'right thing' to 'humanely euthanize' and end my life. What they needed was a safe place for me to go to , someplace where there people would treat me with all the love and care they'd give their own pets. Who would possibly want to come in and pick up a dog in my condition and treat me with loving care? They wouldn't even know me at all and no one had cared up until then. All I could do was show my best traits, my sunny smile, myeagerness for love, my willingness to comply with all they asked of me. Then I settled into a kennel at the vets to await the decision.

Little did I know, the vet tech was burning up the phone lines looking for a safe place for me to recouperate. She reached another animal group and that group sent another man in to take more pictures of me at the vet. He seemed kind and was aghast at what he saw and said he WOULD be back for me. I crossed my paws and hoped for the best!

(In a dramatic twist, the animal control officer showed up after that and asked for me and said he wanted to take me for a second opinion and then to be euthanized, but the Dr. stood up for me and said, "NO WAY!!" He explained what a great disposition I had and how special I was and that he would not let me be destroyed. Whew...dodged another bullet!! THANK YOU LINTON VET CLINIC!!)

Then a nice lady came in for me!! Her energy told me she wanted to help me and would take me home. Home to a safe place to rest and recouperate. A home with a soft bed, plenty of good food and lots of love! A place where the damage of my life could be undone. I weighed 28.2 when I left that day. I'd gained a few pounds in the 2 days at the vets!!

And now here I am, cuddled into a nice bed, and fed every 2 hours with both good dog food and what I especially love...REAL HUMAN FOOD!!! My new foster mom makes up a recipe with ground beef, karo syrup, peanut butter and oatmeal....that is deeeeelishious!!! I barely chew it I just wolf it down!!! I hear her husband laugh that she cooks more for me then for him. I'm sure glad she does! yummy!! They take me out alone into the yard to explore and go potty. I think my new roomates will like me when they get to know me, but I'm so weak and off balance now, "Mom" says I have to keep quiet and stay safe. I'm still alittle wobbly and weak. So I get to walk the garden alone with "foster mom' and sometimes by myself.....but I always find my way right back to the door way that leads to my help and happiness, a good meal and a soft bed and a kind word. Thank you God....and Thank you Linton Police Dept for getting me help! I know I would have been dead soon without your help!!!!! BIG hugs to you alll- MAC

"When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken OR cease to be honest" ~ Author unknown.

WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE CONDITIONS ANIMALS SUFFER IN GREENE COUNTY INDIANA? Obviously, the first responsibility belongs to the animal owner/caregiver. So what happens when the owner won't /can't comply? GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS need to answer for the laws and efforts in the areas they are elected to serve. UNFORTUNATELY, TWO of the three Greene County Commissioners have voted against reinstating an effective, active ANIMAL CONTROL COMMISSION. BART BEARD (County Commissioner President) and LARRY HASLER have voted to 'table' decisions regarding the matter for many months. Their response was that an overwhelming amount of 'voters' called them to complain that they did not want ANIMAL COPS interfering in their handling and care of their animals. BEARD and HASLER bowed to public pressure from people like DON WILE (Former County Surveyor) who complained publicly in the Linton paper that the people pushing for an animal control commissioner 'maybe' radicals who would ban hunting, and stop him from breeding hunting dogs without first paying a 'large fee' to have an intact animal. ***None of which things were ever discussed regarding a new animal control commision. DON WILE , of LINTON INDIANA then offered to serve on any future animal control commission, with what would appear to be the intention of rendering it useless. MR. WILE implied numerous innuendos about anyone wishing to see an animal control board formed and publicly stated local animal welfare groups had 'hidden agenda's' . THE HIDDEN AGENDA SEEMS TO BE Mr.WILE's and others objecting to animal control. Above are photos taken of Mr. Wiles backyard which is set up for raising roosters. While it is not illegal to raise roosters......typically this type of 'endeavor' is allegedly related to the illegal 'cock fighting' industry. *For legal purposes, please note that no one is accusing anyone of a crime or involvment therein. Has to make one wonder why someone else protests so vehemently against animal protection and control laws? COUNTY COMMISSIONER AND HUMANE SOCIETY OFFICIALS WERE MADE AWARE OF THIS AND SENT PHOTO'S. NO ACTIONS HAVE EVER BEEN TAKEN TO INVESTIGATE THIS MATTER TO DATE.

Friday, July 21, 2006

'McCoy' is so sweet, he never fails to wag his tail when we walk past him or speak to him. He nearly knocks himself over wagging it as hard as he can while he eats! He is weak but always 'smile's' when you speak to him! 2 chicken breasts and several 'satin ball's' later, he's settled down to sleep. Pray he can recover enough for heartworm treatment soon!

This is but one of many animals who are suffering extreme neglect and abuse in Greene County, Indiana. Local County Commissioners have refused to reinstate a long defunct Animal Control Commmission to help address these atrocities, due to the local 'good old boy's' complaints that they want no authority involved in how they chose to keep, breed, use, their animals. Bowing to public pressure from cruel and ignorant voters, these types of problems continue unchecked, in most of the county. THIS BOY has been one of the few rescued from their life of hell, by the Linton Police Department and a private volunteer group just today July 21st, 2006. THIS dog should weigh 50-60lbs and weighed in at 25lbs. After 2 days in the local vets, he's already gained 2lbs and has been diagosed Heartworm positive. If you would like to help him on his journey to health and a chance at a new life of happiness and love, please donate at