This blog is formed for the intent of publicizing the plight of animals in Greene County, Indiana. Concerned Citizens have formed a seperate, all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare group- MIDWEST FRIENDS OF ANIMALS- in order to attempt to take action for the many abused, neglected and unwantd animals thrown away on a daily basis in Greene County.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quick update on Mr. Mac McCoy the starving dog. He is gaining weight steadily. Still fighting a skin infection but doing better. He needs are increasing, however, as recent recommended medications include an 8oz bottle of specialized shampoo that requires use every other day, an ear cleaner and ointment. The Shampoo is $19.25 for every 8 oz, the Malacetic Otic cleaner for ears- $12.12 and the Otomaxointment $16.00 POTENTIALLY SAD NEWS- We have brought to the attention of a vet, a small growth on his leg, suggestions are for an immediate biopsy to determine whether or not it is malignant. Prayers and donations are welcome!! Barring any unexpected problems, we hope to have his neuter and heartworm treatment started within the next 3 weeks, if we can get his skin cleared up and a bit more weight on him! Thank you to all who have cared and written, prayed and donated....we are not out of the woods yet, unfortunately. Any additional help who be a great blessing!!!


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