This blog is formed for the intent of publicizing the plight of animals in Greene County, Indiana. Concerned Citizens have formed a seperate, all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare group- MIDWEST FRIENDS OF ANIMALS- in order to attempt to take action for the many abused, neglected and unwantd animals thrown away on a daily basis in Greene County.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Greene County Humane Society (which is not affiliated with any national groups) is comprised currently of Andrea McCAnn, President;County Commissioner Kathy Crouch, Bloomfield Vet Clinic Vet, Scott Borter; Rene Abram, Shelter Manager; Martina Swaby, poodle breeder; and recently announced others to join next year. THeir names and actions will be announced here. The current county problems are exacerbated by the current running of the only county funded animal facility. As noted in the letter to the editor, they refuse to alter all animals before releasing and do not screen adoptors, adding to the problem in the county. THE ABOVE PEOPLE ON THE BOARD CONTINUOUSLY REFUSE TO ADDRESS THESE MATTERS. The shelter recently reported it was underfuned and not able to treat injured or sick animals, despite the fact a veterinarian is on their board of directors. This begs the question, what happens to animals that come in hurt as strays and Indiana law says they must be held for 3 days? Do they have to lie in a kennel with a broken leg for 3 days? Or do they euthanize them anyway, for a problem that could be medically addressed? They have accused us of only being involved with their meetings to act as a 'watchdog' for their actions, despite the fact we have contributed many supplies and spent many hours arranging rescue for their death row animals. They do not want their decisions publicized for some reason. Perhaps being held accountable is not to their liking.


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