This blog is formed for the intent of publicizing the plight of animals in Greene County, Indiana. Concerned Citizens have formed a seperate, all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare group- MIDWEST FRIENDS OF ANIMALS- in order to attempt to take action for the many abused, neglected and unwantd animals thrown away on a daily basis in Greene County.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mr. Mac got trimmed up and the bump on his leg removed today. He weighs in at 46.9 lbs now and is getting very strong! We are told charges were filed against his owner and 2 other animals seized. We were not contacted directly on the matter and the animals were taken to a nearby shelter. Unfortunately, the charge is only a misdemeanor. We are told the owner is likely moving and will probably start all over again, with strays off the street, in some other town, we would guess.

Mac is a very happy boy and his eyes are lighting up again!! When he got here they were sunken so deeply in his head and were very flat and lifeless, his brighter look was the first thing the vet tech noticed today! More details to come as soon as we have his biopsy results back, we will begin Heartworm treatment. :) He is getting so strong, he nearly dragged me off my feet at the vets to get out and back into the car to get 'home'. He does a VERY funny warbled, "woooo....whoooo....woooo....YOWL HOWL" thing when he sees it's meal time. It sounds rather pathetic but we think it means he is happy! He shared his room with a new foster dog his size today...the foster was large but still a puppy and Mac, circled and joined in the "playful stance, chest butting, now come chase me" game that puppies do together, it was good for our souls to see him acting young and happy!! He should start Heartworm treatment next week and we will be hoping to find his perfect forever home SOON!!! If you or someone you know has the huge heart and extra love to take him in, please start talking to us about it now!! The sooner he can line up a home, the sooner he can settle in and start enjoying the life he was denied until now!!


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